Article : What’s so special about the Sukhumvit Area in Bangkok?

19 Dec 19
Depending upon who you ask, most foreigners and Thai citizens will almost always offer a different and unique answer to this specific question. The question being where or what area is the best place to live in Bangkok. As most foreigners have a specific reason for where they live, most communicate their opinion due to their own personal experiences living in Bangkok. These can range from the location, affordability, number of people of a similar nationality living there, as well as schools, markets, shopping, and one of the most highly coveted, the proximity to the BTS/MRT Subway and Skytrain system.

Once again, depending on who you talk to, there will be many who find that the Sukhumvit area checks all those boxes and fits both your financial and social needs while providing all the necessary requirements for both people who are single, married, single families, and corporate business needs.

As we move forward in this article, we are focusing on the area widely known as “ Sukhumvit”. This is a word used by many to describe the area of Sukhumvit road from the Nana section all the way down to Udom Suk, which though far from the center of the action is an up and coming area also located with a BTS station. This large business and residential section of Bangkok contains some of the largest contingents of foreigners from numerous countries worldwide, and it is also broken up into two general areas called lower Sukhumvit and upper Sukhumvit.

Seen from above, this area of Bangkok is found as one of the most convenient to travel in on foot or with use of mass transit (The BTS). If you are seeking premier shopping, international cuisine, fitness centers, top Hospitals, and highly acclaimed International schools then Sukhumvit has plenty to choose from in each area. For your nightlife needs, there are luxurious Cinemas, Entertainment Venues, Nightclubs, Restaurants, and a unique bar scene scattered throughout each Soi and mixed in with luxury spas with salon services and the famous street food beloved by both Thai and Western residents and tourists alike.

From Nana to Udom Suk, Sukhumvit is basically a straight road with several BTS stops along the way. All the streets are numbered and once you understand the layout with odd numbered streets on one side and even numbers on the other, it will make finding specific locations much easier.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to get around from taxis, motorbike taxis, as well as many others. Included in these options of public transportation, one of the most convenient means of transportation is the BTS Skytrain System. You can reach all prominent areas and neighborhoods of Sukhumvit thru the use of the fast and convenient mode of travel.

People will disagree about Sukhumvit due to the traffic and pricier cost of living as it is a good point due to the relative ease of all the amenities mentioned above. Property in this area is in high demand and for all the reasons above a great place to rent, buy, and future investment.

With all these aspects of Sukhumvit coming together to provide not only cultural diversity but also fusion with Thai society, the total benefits outweigh the cons of traffic and pricing giving this area all the fundamental needs of someone looking for the convenience of infrastructure style, quality, and amenities far superior than supplied on the outer portions of the city.

For someone who is going through the transition of moving to Thailand for the first time, Sukhumvit carries with it a perfect place to absorb both the culture of Thailand and to also learn how things are done in the Kingdom. With numerous malls and non-profit organizations around the area, most places have a semi-firm grasp of the English language and everything you need to make your transition to Thailand an easier and more pleasurable place.

After you have lived in Bangkok and become more familiar  with the area,  then you should look into moving to other districts based on your needs and finances as there are great options outside the tourist areas that may provide more space and value in the future.