Since 2016, Bangkok Home Finder and its parallel company Bangkok Condo Locate have continued to provide an easily accessible Real Estate Website focusing on the most prominent areas of the Central Business District or (CBD) with daily up-to-date content and a superior client experience. In the CBD, where the properties are in high demand is where our excellence in Customer Service and Client experience is what separates us in the marketplace. In order to better serve our clients, we have created a one-of-a-kind collaboration at Bangkok Condo Locate in which our elite team exclusively concentrates in the Central Business District providing all of your needs in the fast-paced condominium community assisting clients to buy, sell, rent, or invest. With years of practical experience producing positive results in this fast-paced real estate community and special focus on the Central Business District, Bangkok Condo Locate provides a team of sales and service professionals to fast-track the buying and selling process for our clients all over the world while providing the assistance needed before and after the sale or purchase to help and create long term relationships with their clientele. Our clients are focused on the Central Business District and these luxurious perfectly located properties provide easy access for both business and pleasure.

As one of the World’s largest and most dynamic real estate markets, buying, selling, or renting a condo in Bangkok can often be challenging. Due to both the cultural and legal factors involved, the process for buying a condominium or comparable type properties can prove more challenging than in other countries. Without the proper guidance from seasoned professionals, information and specific details regarding the property can be misinterpreted or conditions can be left unresolved wasting both time and money, and making your dream property a nightmare. That’s why Bangkok Condo Locate was formed, in essence, to provide our clients with professional real estate advisors and agents to efficiently and cost-effectively navigate the Central Business District and beyond while offering the guidance and all the services and assistance needed. Our friendly Agents provide cost-effective results in a timely fashion for clients. For the reasons listed above, BCL has a proven system that exceeds customers’ expectations helping them to rise above the rest of the marketplace.


Based on over a decade of hands-on experience and concentration on the Real estate market in the Central Business District or the CBD zone as it is called by those in the industry, Bangkok Home finder has focused on providing the highest quality content and perspective on the Bangkok Real Estate Market and especially the CBD Zone. This includes the sales and rentals of Condominiums, Developments, Townhouses, Homes, and Commercial Properties in the CBD zone (Central Business District). Our team has the experience and contacts for the most sought-after areas in Sukhumvit, Silom, Sathorn, Rama3 where property is in the highest demand. Our experienced investment team will advise you on what locations and where to buy in the CBD to generate the best yield on your investment.

At Bangkok Home Finder, our in-house team of experienced real estate agents, advisors, and support staff have aided and assisted on the purchase and sale of a multitude of properties in the Central Business District consisting of  condominiums, townhouses, homes, and commercial properties for buyers, renters, and sellers in both Thailand and all over the globe. With a friendly and easy to use website design, Bangkok Home Finder offers a user-friendly system that is responsive to all of our clients’ needs and makes it easy to successfully navigate the often-complex Bangkok market.

At BHF, our international team has worked hard in the business community to develop positive relationships between both buyers and sellers ensuring that our services and content on the website are always of the highest quality to you while also keeping up-to-date with the financial and cultural nature of the city and beyond.

Making your dreams more accessible to you is our goal at Bangkok Home Finder. So, all you have to do is “Let your fingers do the walking” and our team will do the rest!

With our unique content and real-time market data, Bangkok Home Finder provides the most up-to-date data and content of available listings for both sale or rent in the Central Business district as well as throughout Bangkok. Our positive relationships in the CBD assist us in connecting the International, Local, and Business communities together. BHF has the ability to offer multiple rental and investment properties along with ultra-exclusive properties in the Central business district in the Kingdom of Thailand. These positive relationships in the CBD offer special promotions which are available only to our exclusive clientele.

At Bangkok Home Finder, we help both buyers, sellers, renters and investors in the CBD as well as outlying areas to gain an insider’s view into the market and what areas are HOT and what will be HOT in the future. Also, where to find the best locations in the CBD to fit your price range as well as schools, shopping, and attractions. Everything you need to evaluate about the individual condominium marketplace in addition to all types of properties are available at Bangkok Home finder – and the website is free to use. 

In addition to above, we provide you with our very best team of Realtors, ones with proven experience and a track record of success who are experienced in navigating the Thai market by finding and assisting on exactly the type of property you want to buy or sell.

Once we understand your unique requirements and needs, we will recommend one of our seasoned Real Estate Advisors and Agents who will focus on exactly what you are seeking – an agent with a documented track record of success specializing in the type of condo, neighborhood, and even the exact building in which you want to buy, rent or invest.

Whether you are buying, selling, renting, or investing, your property belongs in the good hands of Bangkok Home Finder where our specialized team creates a one stop shopping service for all your needs. In the Central Business district, BHF/BCL will have the inside track on finding the buyer or renter of your dreams and assist you with all aspects of the transaction to ensure a smooth process. From the start to the closing, Bangkok Home Finder is with you all the way making sure you’re your satisfaction is assured.